Hello! This is a combination intro-post and first post of the blog.

First, the name. beMUSEd. What does that even mean?

I chose these words because I often serve up confusion with a side of amusement and because I attempt to think about everything before I say it. Finally, I like to find my artistic (sometimes academic) inspiration in the little things in life that both confuse and amuse me.

So let’s get on with this. I decided to finally make this blog a reality because I love to write. I love to be creative. Mostly, I just like to talk about being creative in everyday life and how it can seriously save a life. It sure as hell saved my life. The last month-ish of my life has been host to an emotional roller-coaster, with my “down” days sinking lower than I ever could have imagined. But I found solace in my poetry and paints. I found solace in being creative and allowing my thoughts and feelings to flow entirely through me and out into something tangible and describable. Cultivating my creative habits has allowed me to take a step back from dwelling in the past or worrying about the future and instead focus on here and now. Because focusing on those makes you an active player in your life instead of a passerby.

I do not yet know what exactly I hope this blog to achieve. All I hope is to provide some musings on how my journey in life is going. Maybe inspire a laugh or a sigh or even a frown of disagreement.



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