Holy Crap I’m in Nicaragua

I could not think of anything else to title this entry. 


My view the whole way from Miami to Managua: The Wing

I arrived in Nicaragua at 1:00 PM, and it’s 10:30 PM right now. I have been awake since 3:00 AM and have traveled a total of 7.5 hours by plane and car. I am exhausted. Yet I am also exhilarated.

This is it. I’m here. There’s really no turning back. I am about to spend these next 12 unpredictable weeks in the beautiful mountain town of Jinotega, Nicaragua with Outreach360, an incredible organization.

There’s not much to report right now. A wealth of feelings in my head and a slightly slippery and nauseating feeling in my stomach because this is real and this is happening. I can not tell you how I feel right now. It is as if someone took every emotion possible and threw them all into a blender, hit purée, and poured it into my brain. I remember feeling the same way when I arrived in Spain, although it is slightly different because as I’ve said before, I’m here alone. I had a group in Spain. I had a group the first time I went to Nica. I’ve always had a group when I’ve traveled. A home base of sorts. Even if we didn’t get along I had a little bit of home with me.

So it’s sort of cool. I have to make my own home; carve my own base and find my own comforts. That’s a new challenge. I guess I will write more about that when I have actually been able to figure out how I feel about being down here.

Although that might not be the point. It doesn’t matter how I feel about being down here as much as how I am down here. Even if I am uneasy (which is one of the many mushed-up emotions in me), I need to walk with confidence. Even if I am homesick (which I will be), I have to embrace the culture around me as my new home. Because it is. Whether I like it or not, this is where I will be for 83 more beautiful, enriching, and completely unpredictable days.

Thanks for reading. Leave me some homesickness advice if you have any, please! I’ve never experienced it before.



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