Impresiones impresionantes

Hey! I decided to re-write this since I have time.

When I was in Spain, every blog post had a Spanish title. To sort of distinguish which of my blog posts are on my time in Nicaragua versus which posts are just about life or creativity or musings, etc., I will title my posts about Nica in Spanish. This one will be a recurring one! “Impresiónes impresionantes” basically means “impressive impressions,” and I will be giving little blurbs of my top moments of the past week, just to show you some of the little treasures I get each week. Without further ado, I give you my Impresiónes impresionantes!

  • Getting here. It seems so simple, but the fact that I actually got here without any snafus in my travel was a miracle on its own. My ride from Managua to Jinotega was very quiet; my driver is apparently a rather reserved individual and I wasn’t ready to forcibly engage him in Spanish conversation. I got to read about 100 pages of my Stephen King book, so that was nice. I probably could have read more but my time was interspersed with staring around at the gorgeous landscape here.
  • Meeting my roommate. I seriously dig Carmen. You can actually follow her blog posts here.
  • The kids from Charleston Day School. Holy goodness. We had our ups and downs, the downs being that “cleaning up” after themselves did not exist as a concept in their minds, but the ups were way more important and impression-leaving. They jumped right in and did a great job lesson planning and working with the students. Outside of teaching, they were some of the funniest and charming kids I’ve met in a long time. They definitely reminded me of why I loved student teaching in an 8th grade classroom so much. I had a great time getting to know the 8th and 9th grade students, as well as their fantastic teachers Tami and Michael. They were a great start to my time in Nica.
  • The fact that the children LOVE to say yes to me. Just because they pronounce the “y” like a “j” and so I always get  “jes, teacher Jess!” They’re so silly.
  • Jolfreth, one of our more shy students, not only knew my name but said hi to me on the street today!! I also got a high-five from Byron, who we went to go see play baseball this morning. :] The fact that the students have already begun warming up to me just melts my heart. They are so great.
  • Euchre with Ross, Cameron, and Tami. Two of the boys from CDS and their chaperon. So much fun!! I wish we would have played earlier in the week so Carmen would have had time to learn it better. But there are 7 more weeks for me to teach her how to play like a true midwesterner.
  • The Lego Movie. Since I’ve gotten here, leader Krystina has been singing the dang “Everything is Awesome” song from this movie. I have hated her a little bit for getting it stuck in my head out-of-context. But tonight I experienced the glory that is the Lego Movie. It made me laugh so much. Bwahahaha!
  • Margo (another team Leader) let me borrow a book on an amazing woman. Her autobiography also gives me a glimpse at the very deep, and very recent, history of Nicaragua. I’ve already read about 70 pages of it. Super stoked about finishing it and voraciously devouring the next one!

I think that’s it for this week. Until next time!


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