Today, for orientation, we improvised a bit of a poetry circle to introduce and discuss Outreach360s ten principles (found here). Margo (one of our fabulous team leaders) had us each pick a principle and write a haiku about it. Now, I love haiku and therefore I’d like to debut mine on here. I understand that in no way am I a good poet and I do also know that haiku are not technically limited to 5-7-5 syllables and they are generally used to convey ideas in one, short phrase. Bear with me!

I have 10 weeks left here in Jinotega (time has flown by so quickly) and I will try to do one larger post each of my remaining weeks on one of the principles, but this will be my short and sweet introduction to each of them via haiku!

1. Acknowledge Yourself

Acknowledge yourself.
Pat yourself on the back, now.
Because you’re awesome

2. You are Outreach360

When you’re gone, Outreach
Lives on, but without you there’s
No O-three-sixty

3. It’s Not About You

Yes, you’re great, but don’t
Forget the children you came
Here for. They come first.

4. This is It.

Tomorrow is not
For what you wait, but instead
Today’s open doors.

5. Communicate Love

Smiles are a love
Without language. Like high-fives,
They change children’s lives.

6. Poco a Poco

Personal favorite!
Little by little, all things
Are possible. Go!

7. Jump Right In

Fret not about your
Appearance. Today you learn that
You’re loved regardless.

8. Serve, Don’t Help.

Two-way street. We are
Here as a service, not a
Charity. Spread love.

9. Be Flexible/Creative

Be just like Gumby.
Imagination and go!
Roll with the punches.

10. You are Responsible

You’re responsible
Your attitude and time here,
They are yours to choose.

Until next time!



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