My Own Little Culture Day

Super quick post.

BUT.  Every Friday the one week volunteers go on a culture day with Outreach. They visit Las Cureñas, a black pottery cooperative, in the morning, where they learn of the beautiful traditions of making black pottery. The afternoon is spent at Selva Negra, an almost fully sustainable organic shade coffee farm. Selva Negra is a fantastic opportunity to learn more about the Nicaraguan coffee trade.

ANYWAY. Carmen and I got to go on this trip our first week here but since then have stayed behind. Which I like because I then get some much needed time with my students. But today, something amazing happened! Not only did I get to eat an extremely traditional lunch of baho (rhymes with WOW which pretty much describes its taste) and a traditional nacatamale dinner, but I got a pleasant surprise when I walked into the coffee shop I frequent and they were having a poetry night! So I got a taste of music, words, and a welcome from the locals of Jinotega and I am so happy that I was able to experience a little culture day of my own.


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