I Don’t Want to Leave

Obviously, if you have read anything at all I’ve said about my summer here in Nica, you know for a fact I’m in love with every second of it.

And I don’t want to leave.

Not only do I not want to leave these incredible, inspiring children, but I also don’t want to leave the amazing people who dedicate their lives to Outreach and these incredible, inspiring children. I love meeting new people. Even if individual volunteers have caused frustration or any other negative emotion, I have been incredibly blessed to have met everyone I’ve met this summer. And I want to meet more people that choose Outreach360, because they have been nothing but the top of the line.

To go even deeper, in a positive way: I don’t want to leave service. I don’t want to leave teaching. So even if I have to leave this beautiful community (which I do) I am comforted by the fact that if I look and try hard enough I will find another opportunity to teach and learn through service. That’s the best realization I’ve had  in a long time. That thought is keeping me going through my last 7 days in Jinotega and my last 4 days in the classroom with these (guess who) incredible, inspiring children.

As of right now, and this could just be me being drunk on Outreach, I could do without a fancy degree. As long as I can continue to do whatever I can for people who need a service, I think I’ll be happy. And I like that idea. Although I should probably start looking a little harder for, you know, employment.


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