Sometimes I’m Lazy

This post is also known as “What I’ve Been Doing for the Last Three Weeks.” 

Hey folks! Sorry about my hiatus; things picked up quick after coming back and I have had a lot of obligations. But here I am! 

I’m going to start out with a confession: I have tried to write a post 6 times in the two weeks since my return to the States and have hated them all. So I’m going to make myself finish this one and post it before I do anything else! Ha! In your face, procrastination! Anyway, I got back to the states on August 23, after a full day of travel and sobbing because I didn’t want to leave. I was in my mommy’s arms hugging the life out of her on August 24th, after a night in Columbus since my plane got in late. That evening, I was moving into my sister’s house. So there’s that. 

I spent my first week looking for jobs in Cleveland and just about everywhere else. I spent all of my graduation gift-money (as well as my car fund) to get to Nicaragua, so I’ve had quite the lack of, well, everything. I applied extensively to AmeriCorps opportunities around the country. I even got called back from one and have had a successful first interview! I spent my second week in the States dialing my job search back and actually taking some time to process my summer and what my future could be. I’ve played a lot of Skyrim and read a lot of history books this last week. Old habits die hard, I guess. 

I guess what has gotten me pretty stressed out is the change of pace I immediately felt when I first arrived. As soon as my plane landed I began to think about my to-do list of people I needed to see and things I needed to get done. It was a big change from my time living in the moment this summer. Everything in America is so big; we drove from the Columbus airport to my mom’s house and that took almost the same amount of time it takes to drive coast-to-coast in Nicaragua. And everyone just lives life in a blur. I had such a sad culture shock realizing that I wasn’t going to be surrounded by people who just wanted to enjoy their day. I’m still coping with that difference. 

My sister’s cohabitant (I guess we’re all cohabitants here! But I’m not dating them. That would be weird) told me I should take a month off before looking for work or trying really hard to do, well, anything. I like his advice, but I don’t like to be lazy. My laziness doesn’t happen because I want to do nothing, it’s that I sometimes just don’t particularly want to do certain things. Like sitting down and committing to a blog post, if you get what I mean. I wanted so hard to not be lazy that I seriously applied to at least 60 jobs my first week here. Sixty! I then felt really overwhelmed with call-backs and looking for places to live in the different areas in which I had been applying. So after my mom and I got back from a beautiful weekend near the Finger Lakes (which I will write about soon), I put in one application with an AmeriCorps opportunity in Portland, Oregon and I put one application in with a restaurant just down the street from the cohabitation as well as a few other places that won’t really matter in future posts. And I sat back, waited for the interviews, and played some more Skyrim. 

I went to Tiffin this weekend for the very first time since leaving the country and since graduating. It was weird, but it was so amazing to see many of the people with whom I’ve connected in my years at the Berg. Today I had an interview and actually got a job! So that’s cool. 

What I’m really trying to say is: Let yourself be a little lazy. Take some time to reflect on your life and stop jumping from one task or obligation to the next because that will burn you out super quickly. I’m also saying that Skyrim is awesome, but I’m always trying to say that. 

Any questions about what I’ve been doing since coming back? Leave a comment and I’ll let you know the deets! 



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