Hey folks,

Listen, if you’ve been following me for a while, you know I’ve done some cool things in my life since starting this blog. I’ve found interesting things to do. And that’s awesome fodder for blogging- writing about awesome life things that are just happening around me.

I don’t know who said it to me, so I apologize for not being able to correctly attribute this quote, but about a week before I came back from Nicaragua, someone said “life is going to suck for a while compared to what you’ve been doing.”

I didn’t think much about that before coming home. Surely Cleveland would not be as beautiful as Jinotega. I also wouldn’t be surrounded by 48 beautiful souls that did nothing but learn and grow and be awesome. I knew those things. But those facts, even combined with the above advice, did not prepare me for just how boring I am when I’m not doing anything interesting.

I have been trying really hard to keep myself productive. I’m still looking for future travel opportunities, I’m thinking about saving up to take the GRE so grad school can become a possibility. But I’m stuck. Both physically and mentally I am stuck. For the first time in a long time. In college, I always had something to do and taking time off of anything was really satisfying. I was surrounded by like-minded people who were learning so much and we were sharing so much life and experience and knowledge with one-another. Then this summer I was surrounded by people doing what I was doing and loving every second of it.

I guess it is just so strange now to have to live in the “real world” and learn how to be a “grown up.” I have to start making loan payments soon. I make less money than I did in school. I feel like I’ve gone back ten steps when I’m supposed to be going forward. I am so stuck that I’m trying to think of where I can go to next, which just leads me to again realizing that for once I don’t have any other options and I have to stick to my current path. I am so grateful for My Sister & Co. for putting me up and helping me out but man, the guilt that racks up after posing such an inconvenience for so long. I know I need to be thinking more positively, but I can’t get over my culture shock from college student to graduate just yet.

So basically, this is me telling you all how lost I am. I need help! Or friends in Cleveland!

Recent college grads: How have you assimilated into the “real world?”
Anyone: How do you keep life positive even if you don’t like what’s going on?


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  1. Look dude. You are not imposing. You are really helping around the house and making my life easier. I am digging having you here. I am not joking when I say you’re not allowed to leave. I am joking a little bit. But I really do appreciate and like having you here.

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