Food Adventures: West End Tavern, Lakewood

I’ve started to branch out a bit around town and sample the divine culinary variety in and around the Cleveland area. I hope to continue my adventuring to include not only food but for right now that’s just about all I’ve done. These aren’t going to be “reviews,” per se, but just recounts of my adventures including who I was with, what we ate, and how we liked it.

Soooooo without further ado, here’s the account of my first trip to the West End Tavern in Lakewood.

A few weeks ago I went to the wedding of two friends of mine from Heidelberg. I got to see a lot of awesome  friends I hadn’t seen in a long time and we got really drunk. On Sunday, upon waking, the only thing one friend wanted to find was “a place that served alcohol and breakfast” that was close by. We ended up going to brunch at the WE Tavern.

We had to sit at the bar, because it was absolutely packed. Two friends got mimosas, I got a bloody mary. Because, of course, the only thing to cure an open-bar-wedding hangover is more alcohol. Also bacon. But we’ll get to that part later. The mimosas were super pretty and also pretty delicious! They were served with flowers in them and had a good amount of sweetness. The bloody mary was incredible! I never really liked them that much (alcoholic beef stew, ew!) but it was soooooo good. Spicy and tart and also a little savory. It blew me away so much I just had to get another one. Whoops.

Okay, so, the food. I got the West End omelet. I didn’t get toast because, well, gluten. The omelet was the bomb! It was a good size (I couldn’t even finish it- though that might have had something to do with the one and a half bloody marys I had just ingested) and had a sizable amount of all the fixins. The home fries weren’t the best (not crispy and kind of under seasoned), but  I was hungover and there was ketchup so I ate all of them.

The staff was friendly and expedient, making sure we always had anything we needed. Prices were awesome and totally worth it! I was going t think of some algorithm to effectively rate and compare my dining experiences, but instead I’ll just tell you I liked it a whole hell of a lot and I will totally go back there sometime!

Thanks for reading, folks! Comment to let me know if you’d like to know anything different about my adventures with food or if you’d like to suggest a place I should adventure!

Coming up in the Food Adventures “series:” Happy Dog, Jack Flaps, West Side Market, and Brown Sugar Thai. 


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