The Men I Trust

Heeeyyyy friends! Welcome to post 8/100

About a month ago I published a post about my negative experience in Spain. If you didn’t read the post, let me just tell you that it was something that can sometimes make it difficult to trust people (especially men). In fact, many individuals who are sexually assaulted find it almost impossible to trust people of the gender that assaulted him/her for a long time, if ever. This post is in no way meant to insult those or poke fun at those who have trust issues after such a traumatic experience- for that is an incredibly normal and natural response. This post is just sharing my personal journey to recovery.

I can happily admit that although I was a victim of sexual assault I don’t think that all men are potential assailants.

In fact, there are a ton of men in my life that I trust deeply. Men that I have met either before or after my experience. Here’s a short list of examples of incredible dudes  in my life that make me feel safe and loved (and also thank yous to them for being such stellar guys) :

My father- You have always loved me and have always gone to great lengths to make sure I know I am loved. You’ve supported me throughout my entire life and are a great friend. I am incredibly grateful for all that you have done for me even though I didn’t grow up around you for all of my childhood. Thank you for making me feel safe and unconditionally loved, dad.

The MEN of a certain fraternity- From the time I met you guys I have felt safe and cared for. I could go to a house party and know that I would be kept safe. You are incredibly fun, sweet, and all-around fantastic men. I could never have picked better friends to spend my undergrad with and I could not have picked better housemates to live with my senior year. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for always being there for me, I love you all.

My brothers (the blood kind)- T, you were my go-to guy for complaining about my life when I was a shitty adolescent and you always listened to me when I needed to be heard. You were kind and loving when I needed you in my teens and I wish we could reconnect now that I’m in my twenties. Thank you for being my big brother even when I didn’t grow up with you- thank you for loving me and accepting me even though you think I’m crazy. J, You helped mom raise us. You have been an incredible influence on my life and I am so, so grateful for you. Thank you for always listening to me, for calling me when you’re off work, and for keeping me in your life even after you moved far away. Your constant words of encouragement are sometimes the only reason I keep doing what I’m doing- I really want you to know that.

The Sister’s Partner- S, thank you for being another big brother to me. I appreciate all that you do for her and all that you do for me. You have invited me into your home and have always made sure I was safe and happy. Thank you for being incredible.

My dudes C, K, and D-

C, I may have only known you for a couple of years but holy crap if it isn’t like I’ve known you forever. You are simultaneously like a big brother, little brother, and a child. I love that you keep me seeing the positive and always make sure that I’m okay. We have had countless talks on the porch about our lives and you always remind me that I can do anything I set my mind to. Thank you so, so much for taking that manager job and subsequently allowing yourself to become my best friend.

K, you were one of the guys of the aforementioned fraternity so that already made me think you were swell but then I got to know you and I realized how kind, intelligent, and caring you are. You have spent hours just sitting with me doing nothing but talking about life and I don’t know if you know how precious those hours were to me. When you heard what happened to me in Spain you were comforting and blatantly honest about your lack of knowledge on how to help me. That alone helped me so much. Your humor and loyalty have kept me humble and feeling safe, loved, and worth friendship. Thank you for helping me see how happy I can be.

D, my dearest Grass Socks, you are an amazing individual. In the time of our relatively short friendship (so far) you have brought an incredible amount of vitality and love into my life. You have made me laugh when I didn’t think happiness was an option and you have made me feel worth your time and care. Thank you for showing me how easy it is to be kind and honest at the same time.

There are a solid amount more of guys that I think are awesome and worth my trust and time, but these are the show-stealers, then men who have gone above and beyond all expectations to let me know I am loved.

Are there people in your life that you think deserve a thank you? Why don’t you give ’em a call?

Until tomorrow, folks!


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