Changing My Mind After Graduation

Hey, folks! Welcome to post 9 out of my 100 days of blogging!

Today I’m going to talk about some stuff and then maybe talk myself into a decision. You’re very welcome for that detailed description.

Officially changing my major to History in 2012.

Officially changing my major to History in 2012.

So, I have a Bachelor’s degree in History with a minor in Spanish. I was one credit hour away from also having a major in Psychology, but I didn’t want to take a summer class or have to come back for a semester just for a freakin’ bio lab. Since my sophomore year I have had my heart set on being a History professor at a small(ish) liberal arts school. That goal still stands; however, after a summer giving myself to a better cause and after getting my current tutoring job, I am not so sure what to do next. I have yet to apply to a single grad school, let alone take the GRE- which doesn’t actually bother me at all. I see two (or three..) clear possible paths ahead of me.

I don’t have a degree in Education, and even though I am fully capable of instruction I couldn’t for the life of me get a teaching job in the states. So, after my AmeriCorps contract is up, do I go into a teaching fellows program? I’ve found some pretty sweet deals in DC, Baltimore, and New Orleans that will all let me get teaching certifications without a degree in Education. Is that what I want to do? I love to teach and these three programs offer teaching English as a Second Language and Spanish as a Foreign Language opportunities…that sort of hits home with me after my time in Nicaragua.

I have fallen in absolute love with volunteering. I have found some pretty awesome jobs that have to do with recruiting volunteers for incredible programs. I’m good with people- I am enthusiastic and have proven to be pretty good at taking my passion for something and sharing it with others, so I feel that I’d be pretty good at recruitment- especially at universities! But, again, is this what I want to do?

There are some stellar opportunities overseas for teaching English as a Foreign Language…some that will even pay me to do it! (insight: my summer in Nicaragua was not a paid internship) I have found jobs in South Korea and Greece that both seem too good to be true, but I have been assured are the real deal. Travel, teaching English, and getting paid to do it? Sign me up! But is this what I want to do?

I decided to stay in Cleveland, even when I had been offered a sweet job in Portland because I felt that I needed to get my shit together before hauling off again. In most aspects I’m very happy I did that- I have a solid amount of money saved right now and I have been able to reconnect with my family. At the same time, I am already restless in the CLE and I am still bummed I’ve never made it to the West Coast. The next time a job opens up somewhere else, I’ll jump on it. But which job and what course should I take?

I absolutely love my job at Family Restaurant- I get to work with people every day, I love the staff I work with, and I go home with cash every night. It’s a swell gig that has given me some awesome experience- now anywhere I move (in the states, at least) I should be able to find a serving job pretty easily to supplement low pay or to get me established prior to finding work  (if that’s how I decide to do it, which is probably not likely). I love my students at my tutoring job and I dig the people I work with, but I’m not 100% into the program or the fact that I’m not actually used for the reason I’m there. It’s good teaching and volunteer experience, though, so it’s not all bad.

So, what do I do? Do I apply to every opportunity I’ve listed above and see who takes the bait? Do I leave it up to potential employers and the universe to decide where I go next? Or should I narrow down my opportunities? I was planning on buying a car in March, but if I end up going overseas in July what good will a car do me? Do I use my saved money as a relocation fund? It’s much, much harder to make decisions regarding my future when I don’t have an advisor and a four-year plan ahead of me. Does it have to be only one of these paths forever? I think not- but I have to eventually choose something for my next move, and what should it be?!

I have a few more months to make a decision, but it feels like time is just ticking away. I should probably write some cover letters and update my resume… maybe I’ll do that tomorrow…or the next day.

Real life is hard, guys.


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  1. Well, let’s start by taking a big big, deep breath. Now you are ready to accept the fact that you are exactly in the place you are meant to be right now. Life is all about the journey. Put those cover letters and resumes out to any opporunity that attracts your interest. You will never know what your possibilities are until you reach out a bit. An inquiry isn’t a commitment. The correct choice will reach to you in the form of your gut feeling. Trust it. And if you get into a path and don’t like it, pick a different one and start again. It’s ALL part of becoming who you are, Jess. And those choices that didnt feel so right? I bet they taught you something that you needed on your journey. Relax……you will figure it it out when you have all the info in hand.

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