Bath Time is the Best Time

I’ve never lived alone. I have always had my mother, my sister, my brother(s), my father, a roommate, housemates, or any combination of the above to share my space with. I have never really minded that. The lack of privacy, the cramped space, the…everything that comes with living with people. Never have I been upset to share space with others. I think I owe my cohabitation tranquility to my dearest, most loyal friend the bubble bath.

Since I have been allowed to bathe on my own I remember feeling nothing but serene while in my protective shell of hot water and a shower curtain. The heat, the sound of running water, the damn-near guarantee that the door would stay shut… all of it added up to my palace of comfort. While taking a bath/shower my mind is able to wander free. From the games I would play as a child to the ten minutes I now take up standing still under the shower head while contemplating my life choices, I have always felt like I could imagine anything in my noggin when locked away in my fortress of steamy solitude.

I once wrote a short story in high school about a girl who was abused by her father and the only time she ever felt safe or peaceful was while taking a bath. It wasn’t until about a year ago that I realized I had unintentionally given her my safe zone. I understood how she felt, wanting an escape from everyday life and to enter into her own little oasis. I can’t believe it took me so long to realize why I love baths so damn much.

When I lived in a frat house my senior year of college and the parties would get too rowdy or I would get frustrated with my housemates or my life, I could always walk into the bathroom, (clean the tub) run scalding hot water, and sink into a state of serenity. It gave me a chance to be away from the world, the constant influx of visitors to my room, and obviously my homework.

I continue to take a bath or shower any time I either don’t know what to do with my time or if I am faced with a serious decision. Some of my most important life decisions have been made in the shower where I have felt completely alone and without pressure. Although it doesn’t do great things for the water bill or the environment (I do keep my showers pretty short and my baths relatively shallow) the comfort my bathtub gives me will be forever cherished.

If you ever find yourself stressed out about life or feeling like you’re suffocating from all of your obligations, I urge you to find a safe space. It doesn’t have to be the bath- it could be a certain bench at a park nearby, a quiet room in the library, or even your closet. It doesn’t matter how unconventional or silly it seems, when you find your literal comfort zone you keep it close because sometimes it’s the only thing keeping moody, adolescent, room-sharing you from strangling your sister in her sleep (Love you, C!)

Until tomorrow, folks!


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