Dates are Like the Bus

I totally saved this as a draft yesterday instead of posting it! I guess I was too distracted by my impending plans. But my goal was to write one every day, not necessarily publish it, so I haven’t ruined my resolution yet, I guess.

Post 13/100:

So, enter blog posts about my personal life because writing everyday is hard and my life is pretty easy to talk about. It’s going to be really hard to not come across as incredibly vain during this post so let’s just get this out of the way: I’m pretty freaking vain.

I have been single since April of 2013. So, it has been a while since I’ve been in a relationship. And because of Nicaragua and a weirdly busy schedule/not knowing people in Cleveland I haven’t done much dating in a hot minute.

In the past week I have been asked out/done the asking out on six dates.  Six! What? Now, I’ve only gone on one (sometimes you just gotta say no), I have one tonight, and one is coming up depending on his busy work schedule. So, I have not gone on six dates…but the asking is pretty awesome. And it’s good to get that kind of attention again, not going to lie. Who doesn’t like to be pursued?

Both dates (yes, even the one I haven’t had yet…I’m trying to figure out if that’s weird or just eager) have requested a second one, and I’m inclined to oblige. They are nice guys, and I find them interesting, humorous, and attractive, so why not? But I can’t help but feel like it’s weird to be going on dates with multiple people. Like I should have some sort of obligation to exclusivity. I don’t know exactly where this comes from but I think it’s from how (it SEEMS like) everyone is just going into and out of relationships without much in-between figuring out time. And why? Why is that?

We live in an age where it is easier to meet people than ever before. But we’re not meeting new people. And if we are it’s straight to a relationship. That boggles my mind. My mom has always told me she really wants me to date a lot of people to figure out what I want in a relationship and what I really can’t stand. I think that’s incredible advice. I think it’s much, much better to get a feel for people before you decide who is worth your time, affection, and commitment.

It’s probably hard for many people in my generation to even understand dating. With “texting,” “talking,” “going out,” “dating,” and the all-time “in a relationship,” it’s hard as hell to figure out where you stand with someone. You might think you’re “talking,” but the other party tells his/her friends that you’re only “texting.” What the hell is that? You’re both saying that you’re communicating but the implications of each word are incredibly different.

We need to reinvent dating! We need to woo our potential matches, whether it be over Match.Com, Tinder, or at the bar. Whether it be in college or at Wal-Mart, we need to seek out people to meet, even if they just teach us what we don’t want in a partner.

I don’t want it to be weird to have gone on a date last Thursday and be dying to know when this other guy has a day off coming up. Last Thursday was a good time,  and he was nice! But this other guy, that if I refer to again it will be so as “the Writer” has had me captivated for days just through conversation (we’re totally “talking”… haha). I’m incredibly excited to meet him, but I’ll gladly go on date #2 with Thursday if he ever decides when he wants it to happen.

So I won’t make it weird. I’m into dating- into getting to know other people and establishing connections whether or not they turn out to be romantic. But I gotta tell you, my sister’s boyfriend had the best wisdom to share this morning, “dating is a lot like waiting for the bus. There isn’t anything for a long damn time and then three show up at once.”

Until tomorrow!


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