Poetry Attempt #1, There Will Probably Never Be More

Guys, don’t even read this. There, it’s your warning. I can’t write poetry, am no poet, and will never claim to be. Turn away.

You’re still reading? Great. Well, it’s on the internet so I guess I can’t stop you. According to someone wise, “the best things on the internet are terrible.” I guess in an effort to increase my creativity I should be exploring creative opportunities outside my creative comfort zone. So there’s some positivity there.

I told The Writer that I didn’t know what to write about tonight and he said “butterflies,” soooo I wrote a poem. Gosh, I’d be embarrassed if he read this drivel. Here goes,


The butterflies are waking


You’re making them do

their dance

in the corners

of my heart


So cliché but so true

Is that you?


The familiar sound of

A new message

The tiniest letter

saying hello


Can’t you feel the butterflies, too?


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