Life Through the Eyes of a Second Grader

Post 19/100, written yesterday in my journal while at school. It’s really just a series of jokes/statements by one of my favorite children on the planet.

Every morning, for ten to twenty minutes, I get a dose of life through an wonderful child’s eyes. He and I read every morning together, and every day I learn something new about him, such as:

“Today I had soup for breakfast.”

“Something terrible happened over break. I can’t even tell you, it will make you sick. I can never tell anyone.” What happened!? Are you okay? “It. Was. Awful. It was everywhere!What was everywhere!? “I got sick. All over my nana’s carpet. It was just terrible, Miss Jess. Just. Terrible.”

“I do love spinny tops!”

“Do you want to hear a joke?” (I always want to hear a joke)

Q: What did the apple say to the poster?

A: Am I a poster, too? (GET IT?)

Q: What did the elf say to the shelf?

A: Am I an Elf on a Shelf? (GET IT?)

Q: What did the door say to the bell?

A: You’re too loud! (GET IT?)

So, you see, he’s got some work to do on his material, as every time he goes to tell me a joke he says he needs to “look around for inspiration.” Basically he takes two objects and makes them talk to each other. It’s never funny, except in his incredible delivery in which the punchline is always followed by “get it?!!” To make sure that you understood the joke.

This child is incredible. He always shines light on my day. I don’t think he knows how grateful I am for his unyielding life and light.


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