What You Think About You Bring About

Hey guys! I’m not dead! I have seriously hated everything I’ve written in the last 20 days so much that I couldn’t bring myself to post it for you to read. I’ve been lacking in creativity and bemusement! What a bummer, eh?

As a bit of proof, here are the titles/synopses of some of my posts from the last few weeks:

“Bummer to the Max” about how I feel stuck and lost in shitty, cold Cleveland.

“Silver Lining?” about how maybe there’s hope in Cleveland.

“What the Fuck, Tinder?” about the app and it’s ridiculosity.

“Big Girls Don’t Cry” about how stupid that statement is. And how I cry.

eh, those are about the only ones with any potential at all. And they were awful. I mean, really, really awful. Mostly because of how damn negative they were. And you know what? As soon as I stopped thinking about how shitty I feel, and started trying to push positivity into each of my posts, the happier I got. Last week I didn’t write any at all, which is a bummer because I’ve failed on the 100 solid days of writing posts (still not on Facebook!) but it was really awesome to try and get my shit together and happy(ish) again.

My sister has been reading all of the self-help books available at our local library and she said to me the other day what my mother has always been telling us: what you think about, you bring about. Although easily pushed aside as new-age hippie mumbo-jumbo, that crap is super true.

I can’t worry about all the negativity in my life because that will only breed a negative response to the rest of the things in my life. I can’t live like that! I need to think about the positives and change my attitude to treat each obstacle in my path as a challenge I can face and overcome. I’m stuck in Cleveland, but I have great people here. I hate the weather, but… actually there’s nothing positive about this March of the Penguins bullshit, but you get the idea!

Is there something going wrong in your life? Tell yourself it will get better- and guess what? It will.

My mom is such a wise woman, and although I dreaded her one-liner self-help statements growing up, I’ve come to appreciate them as really damn good advice.

Thanks, mom!

Until we meet again, folks.


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  1. Nice to see you back, Jess! The first-year common read at the ‘Berg this year is a book that I recommend very highly, and even moreso if you’ve been in kind of a slump lately. The title is “59 seconds” and it’s about applying the latest research in psychology to everyday concerns like happiness, gratitude, motivation, etc. Check it out! It’s practical and hopeful. 🙂

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