Teaching is Learning

I’m frustrated, guys. Super frustrated.

I am a lowly AmeriCorps volunteer in an elementary school here in Cleveland. I work very hard every day to make sure that these children are supplied with the tools they need to become efficient readers and good people. I get paid next to nothing to do this. But this is not where my complaint lies.

My complaint lies with all of the teachers I’ve met (at this school as well as others) who seem to believe that as soon as you have a teaching certificate then you get to stop learning and adapting.

What kind of logic is that? Education is continuously evolving, and we need to evolve with it. I’m not even a certified teacher yet and I know this. I know that as our world changes, so do our children. And as our children change, so must our methods.

Teaching is learning. You must learn about your students, their proficiencies and obstacles. You must learn about new methods of monitoring students’ progress and you have to freaking adapt to all the things you’re learning.

You’d think that people who choose a career path solely focused on learning would remember that learning is the key to progress and success…forever.

/end rant. Thanks for reading. Until next time, folks!


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