Time-Traveling State of Mind

There’s some famous quote that says something like “Depressed people live in the past, anxious people live in the future, and peaceful people live in the moment.” While that sounds all beautiful and simplistic, I think it’s a little bit bullshit.

Let me tell you why…

Sometimes depressed people hate the present moment. What happens to them every day- day in and day out- is shitty and makes them depressed. They might have a perfectly “normal” past without trauma or tragedy- they’re just depressed. They could also be super depressed about something that might be happening in the future…. just about anything can cause (and perpetuate) depression, it’s not necessarily the past.

Anxious people can be anxious about the present moment. Plain old existing can be enough to make someone with anxiety upset. It’s not always a “what if” scenario that’s freaking them out- they could be publicly speaking or in a room with a hundred people, or in any sort of situation that currently makes them feel anxious. Anxious people can also get super caught up in that one time that one thing happened and feel anxious any time they’re in that situation again- which is crazy ’cause that is living in both the past and the future- apparently people with anxiety are time travelers in my mind.

Peaceful people totally know where it’s at, though. Peaceful people can remember the past and not let it affect their present state of mind. They can live in the moment and let it wash over them like a soft wave at the beach but can wonder and dream about the future while allowing it to carry them in its current. Peaceful people have developed a way to cope with past experiences and worries about the future- it is not that they don’t dwell or worry- it is that they understand that life will happen whether or not they try to let it. Sometimes bad shit happens and sometimes incredible shit happens. You just have to be at peace with yourself and your life choices and allow your path of life unfold before you step after step.

Peace out, friends. Until next time.



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