December has begun, thus ends November, the Month of Thanks.

But, as usual, I’m a little slow on the uptake of trendy things.

Here is a short and definitely not complete list of the things I am grateful for. In honor of the passing of November:

I am grateful for my mother, who has instilled in me a strong sense of independence and resilience.

I am grateful for my father, who has taught me how to enjoy the small things in life and how to make incredibly strong friendships by being 100% unapologetically who I am.

I am grateful for my sister, who reminds me to stay disciplined and who, at every turn of her life, is an inspiration to me.

I am grateful for my brother, who has taught me that moving away from home, although tough, can be so worth it. He has shown me that being far away doesn’t mean you are forgotten.

I am grateful for my sorority. A large group of women who Give No Fucks and who love me and embrace me as the woman I am, not the woman they wish I were. They were my only support at school when I came back from Spain, broken and afraid.

I am grateful for my amazing support system in the people I live with in DC.  I somehow managed to move in with some of the greatest humans in the world. They teach me every day to stand up for myself. They show me that I am worth love. They make me feel safe.

I am incredibly grateful for that shitty fellowship program I moved to DC for. I learned soooo much about myself and what I will/won’t stand for. Even though the program was straight bullshit, it brought me to DC. It brought me my non-housemate best friend in DC and she rocks my world.

I am grateful for my job that brings me so much joy. And the coworkers at that job that feed my joy with their amazing selves.

I am grateful for DC’s beautiful Crime Victim’s Compensation program that reimbursed me for the clothes I had to give to the forensic team and that is providing me with 24 free therapy sessions at the DC Rape Crisis Center.

I am grateful as fuck for all of the support I have in my life. Without the amazing people I am lucky to be surrounded by, I would not be nearly as resilient. Having the ability to embrace life after trauma is directly related to all the people and things I am grateful for. I can bounce back because all of these people have taught me that I can bounce back. That life is absolutely worth living.

I am grateful for the knowledge that even though the world isn’t safe, it is beautiful. That even though I must be cautious, I needn’t be afraid. And I am grateful for my little wins that I am experiencing each day. My little wins that tell me my therapy is helping, that I am learning to love myself and take no shit.

I am grateful for the word “no” and my new found ability to use it.

I am grateful for this cathartic-ass blog. And super grateful for all of you incredible people reading it. Because your encouragement keeps me going. It keeps me sharing my story.

What are you grateful for?


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