Jess Indeedy


Hey there, folken! My name is Jess and I am a recent college graduate who is a reading tutor by day and a waitress by night! After I graduated I spent 3 beautiful months teaching English in Nicaragua and now I am adjusting to normal, slightly boring Cleveland life. I love to travel and paint, and while in Nica I learned just how much I love teaching and serving others. I see the world as an endless opportunity to better myself as a person.  I happily make mistakes on a regular basis.

I am incredibly interested in how History is represented in popular media and hope to do as much research on that as possible in my life. You’ll probably see some of that on here. You will also inevitably read about my journeys to fitness, teaching, a creative life, and those to places all over the world (or just Cleveland since that’s my price range for now).

One time I wrote a really awesome paper on The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim  and won an award for it.  I studied in Seville, Spain in the fall of 2012 and had one of the most jarring educational experiences of my life. I also drank half-tea/half-lemonade before it was cool.

Want to see photo evidence of the (very few) places I’ve traveled? Check out my page Places I’ve Gone!


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